stAMP 42W


***We are excited to announce TWO new versions of the stAMP will be available shortly after the new year. Customers who have already purchased their amps will receive them as normal***

42W/channel with the form factor of a postage stamp.

Class D amplifier based on the TPA3132D2.


-Size: 1.5”x1” (38x25mm)
-Input voltage range: 4.5-24V
-Efficiency: 90%
-Power: Limited to 2x21W(8Ω) 2x52W(4Ω) @ THD:10% (22V).
-Minimum THD: 0.05% at 0-2W
-Standby current: 50mA
-Sensitivity: 1Vp-p (@20dB)
-Gain: 20dB/32dB (selectable)
-Input impedance: 60KΩ (20dB), 15KΩ (32dB)
-Minimum load impedance: 1.6Ω


-DC offset detection at output to prevent speaker damage
-No ‘phone buzz’
-Includes comprehensive instruction manual.
-Hand assembled and tested in the UK
-No turn on pop
-Full L-C output filter with EMI snubbers
-Optional differential inputs (selectable on the board)
-Microcontroller on board for error reporting and precise turn on delay
-Status LED. Solid light when amp is “on”, flashes when amp reports a fault

These amplifiers are ideal for portable applications. When powered from a 2200mAH 3 cell Li-Po battery, a maximum power of 10W/channel (8 ohms) or 20W/channel (4 ohms) is available, with run times in excess of two hours (usually up to 4 hours) at high volume.

This amplifier is capable of 50W/channel output into 4 ohm loads, however the small physical size of the PCB limits the thermal performance of the board. In order to prevent thermal problems, the output power has been limited to 42W/channel. This limit can be removed or altered upon request.

High quality components are used along with a careful PCB layout to ensure best possible sound quality. Units of similar specifications (TPA3116 amps) are available on Ebay for lower prices, although these use very low quality components and very basic PCB layouts, and the sound quality suffers accordingly. Please note that due to size constraints, the bulk capacitance is limited. While there is plenty for the majority of applications, if you wish to have the best possible bass response or are running the amp at maximum power, I recommend fitting an extra 1000uF capacitor of good quality (Panasonic FR series is ideal) at the DC power inputs.

Included with the amplifiers is a full connector/cable set. This includes two jumpers, one for the gain setting and one for grounding the negative input if the amp is used in single-ended input mode. Also included are two audio input cables, and female headers for the power connections.

The manual is supplied in PDF format and contains wiring diagrams, mounting information and instructions on modification for PBTL mode. The amplifier can be modified for PBTL with some simple soldering, and in this mode it has a mono (single channel) output at up to 84W.

Standard shipping to the UK is Royal Mail 1st class (1-2 days). Shipping to most of Europe is 3-5 days, and anywhere else is 5-7 days. For other shipping options, please contact me.

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